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Religion : Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Pagan

Academy for Torah Initiatives and Directions journal.
American Jewish Archives Journal (1948-2012).
American Jewish Yearbook.
AJS Perspectives (Association for Jewish Studies).
CEU Jewish Studies Yearbook.
Contemporary Jewry (via Paperity).
Covenant : the global Jewish magazine.
Dapim : Studies on the Holocaust.
Frankel Institute Annual.
Hebraic Political Studies.
Hebrew Annual Review.
Heritage (American Jewish Historical Society mag).
ICSM Online Journal (Jewish music).
Jewish folklore and ethnology review (1987-1996).
Jewish History (via Paperity).
Jewish Studies : an internet journal.
Jewish Reader, The.
Journal of the Chicago Jewish Historical Society.
Journal of Hebrew Scripturesand Archives.
Journal of Jewish Music and Liturgy.
Journal of Judaic and Islamic Studies.
Judaic Studies ejournal.
Judaica Librarianship.
Judaica Ukrainica.
Journal for the Study of Antisemitism.
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures.
Kesher (history of the press in the Jewish world).
Kheshbn (Yiddish literary journal).
Khulyot : Journal of Yiddish Research.
Latin American Jewish Studies Association Newsletter.
Martyrdom and Resistance.
Mathal/Mashal : Journal of Islamic and Judaic Multidisciplinary Studies.
Medieval Jewish Studies.
Melilah : Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies.
Mendele Review : ... Yiddish Literature and Yiddish Language.
Michigan Jewish History (1962-2009).
Newsletter of the European Assoc. for Jewish Studies.
Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism.
Quest : issues in Contemporary Jewish History.
Quntres : ... History, Culture, and Art of the Jewish Book.
Scribe : Journal of Babylonian Jewry.
Sefaradic Studies.
Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies.
Sh'ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas.
Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations.
Women in Judaism.
Zeek : a Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture.
Al-Tawhid : ... Islamic Thought & Culture.
Contemporary Islam (via Paperity).
Contemporary Islamic Studies.
Current Trends in Islamist Ideology.
Dossiers : women living under Muslim laws.
ISIM Review.
IRCICA newsletter (Islamic History, Art and Culture).
Islamic Review, The (1913-1989).
Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies.
Journal of Judaic and Islamic Studies.
Journal of the History of Sufism.
Journal of Al-Tamaddun.
Macalester Islam Journal.
Mathal/Mashal : Journal of Islamic and Judaic Multidisciplinary Studies.
Muslim Thinker, The (1989-1990).
Quatar Islamic Studies.
Renaissance : a monthly Islamic journal.
Studies in Contemporary Islam.
Studies in Islam and the Middle East.
Transcendent Philosophy.
Annual Report ... Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology.
Bodhi Leaves.
Buddhism and Cultural Heritage.
Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies.
Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal.
Chung-Hwa Buddhist Studies.
European Bulletin of Himalayan Research.
Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies.
Journal of the International Assoc. for Bon Research.
Journal ... Int. Assoc. of Buddhist Studies (5 year paywall).
Pacific World : Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies.
Western Buddhist Review.
Wheel, The.
Contemporary Religions in Japan (1960-71).
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies.
Japanese Religions.
Newsletter ... for the Study of Japanese Religions.
Religious Studies in Japan.
Centre of Jaina Studies Newsletter.
Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies.
Indologica Taurinensia : ... Sanskrit Studies (1973-2010).
Int. Journal of Hindu Studies (via Paperity).
International Journal of Tantric Studies.
Journal of Bahai Studies.
Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies (2 issue paywall).
Online Journal of Bahia Studies.
Dao (Taoist) (via Paperity).
FEZANA Journal (Modern Zoriastrianism).
Heresis (1993, Catharism).
Heresis (1993, partial 1995, 1996).
Heresis (2001, 2002).
Heresis (2006, 2007).
Beyond Borderlands : ... the weird, paranormal, and occult.
Esoterica : The Journal of Esoteric Studies.
Esoteric Quarterly.
Journal of Men, Masculinities & Spirituality.
Journal for Millennial Studies.
Luvah : Journal of the Creative Imagination.
Mythological Studies.
Societas Magica Newsletter.


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