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Before the advent of Islam in the Malay Archipelago

Before the advent of Islam in the Malay Archipelago, the Malay community affiliations at the time, can be divided into three major religious groups, namely: -

1. Agama Buddha Puja Dewa
2. Religion Hindu Puja Goddess
3. Practice Aboriginal people. (Animism)

Aboriginal people are very staunch in his various methods of worship so Tok-tok Jin Batin Aborigines in measuring the greatness of themselves, to limit the length of the hair on their heads.

Mergers three factions either through marriage or anything like that generates a strong stability in the customs and culture of the Malay culture, in addition to produce various forms of knowledge, practices and methods of worship with the intention of getting something unusual and shredding custom, racing -lumba to become champions or the most powerful among them, to boast, gallant, the most powerful, the most respected, in respect and so on. (See chart practices Absurdity)

Islam came to Southeast Asia either through the State China, Yemen, Persia or India and footholds until approximately 200 years. After it went in anyway influence of Christianity through the colonization of the Western powers. While in the Muslim community itself was influenced by influences Rafidiah, Kharijiah, Qadariah, jabariah and so on, giving rise to various insights and trends in the practice of the teachings of Islam. This situation causes some are slipping into the ravine following error:

1. Heresy Heresy Thiẏeṭārera the Karohah and illegal in the Shariah
2. Being in one of the 72 tribes astray in about faith.
3. Being in one of the 13 tribes astray in about Sufi

From the above it has triggered a breakdown of the various groups of the community who have the understanding and practice of each. From there was born the practices called practice of "mysticism" or "science fact" (Science Content) who left the tenets of that prayer works only with the intention only. Clans perverse can be seen through the practice they do in the discharge of worship to God.

In short any practice that does not follow the guidelines of the Quran, the Hadith of the Prophet saw, Ijma and Qias is included in one of the misguided notions of the three major groups above.

Type of religious practice Malay People Before Islam.

Basically the religious practices of the Malay people before the arrival of Islam can be divided into three great confidence, namely: -
1. The Malays Buddhist Deity Puja
2. The Malays are Hindu Puja Goddess
3. The Malays who hold and work with Aboriginal people practices. (Animism)

As a result of the teachings and their holding was born and has triggered various forms of cultural and religious customs and beliefs according to the type they belong to. Islam came to Indonesia after it has successfully eradicate superstition in the community at the time. But not all people in the community who want to leave their faith as a whole and to this day, we still can see how the practice of superstition is still upright and still alive in the customs and culture, especially in weddings, death, faith healing and midwifery, defense training self and others. In addition to trust the sacred objects such as daggers, grave, large trees, rocks and so on so strong that it could see some people in the community who still maintain and keep intact since the hereditary estate dagger, called "Guardians of the family."

Beliefs like this have anything to do with the origins of the Malays, mostly from the Indonesian archipelago which is famous in the past with the customs and beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism. Although Islam was taking root in Mataram, Majapahit Java and all but remnants of Hindu and Buddha are still strong in their beliefs.

In Peninsular Malaysia alone there are various breeds such as Malay, Bugis, Mihemedî, Rawa, Java, Banjar, Farmer, Siam and so on, and there is also a descendant of Aboriginal people. After converting to Islam they have brought their traditions in Islam. Although they differ in their offspring quarter, but they still can not be separated from the Hindu customs and mixing with indigenous customs and practices.

Ancient practices such as puja horn cattle / buffalo, wedding gifts, betel trellis, high rice, oil-salt-sugar and so on, lenggang stomach, 40/100 feast days after the death, slaughter chickens during open practice court martial, clutches / rack for medicinal Jin and so on are examples of practices in connection with the influence of Hinduism in the customs of the Malays. Similarly, customs, behavior of the native people before Islam was taken as customs or as a way of religion that must precede, an exaggeration again with pleasure and we greedily accept blindly the influence of colonial culture is indeed a long-term planning and Jews Christian personality, especially to kill Muslims Malay people who adheres to Islam.

Until now these practices are still alive, though has repeatedly until the call to preach to them to leave the practice, but for some of them it has been assumed that the customs seem part of the teachings of Islam that they embrace. Hence the reason why they have been juggling between the teachings of Islam's holy with the profane customs deceive, which is purely on imagination, ingenuity and thinking tahsinul 'aqli they simply just ..

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