Azimfamily Azimfamily: The merging of lifestyles and culinary methods

The merging of lifestyles and culinary methods

And so began the merging of lifestyles and culinary methods. The original settlers, the easy-going Malays with their staple diet of rice and fish, the ubiquitous Chinese and their imaginative blend of cuisine, the conservative Indians and their piquant traditional fare, the Peranakans and their exquisite Nyonyaspecialties, the exotic Portuguese Eurasians and their delightful lange of east-west cooking methods - all this individual culinary expertise has now been brought together in one volume, Traditional Malaysian Cuisine, the very best of authentic Malaysia recipes. A visit to Malaysia is incomplete without trying out some of these popular Malaysia dishes (from:

 Malaysia Appetizers Cooking Recipes

1.          Curry Puffs
2.          Grilled Chicken Skewers
3.          Malaysian Spring Rolls
4.          Nonya Packets
5.          Otak Otak
6.          Spicy Spare Ribs Malaysia Recipe
7.          Split Pea Fritters
8.          Sweet Potato Rings

Malaysian Cooking Recipes - Beef
1.          Beef in Chili Sauce
2.          Beef Kurmah
3.          Beef Paprik
4.          Beef Rendang in Soy Sauce
5.          Dry Beef with Coconut
6.          Roast Beef in Turmeric Leaf
7.          Roasted Beef
8.          Tamarind Beef

Malaysian Cooking Recipes - Vegetables
1.          Acar
2.          Coconut Milk and Vegetables
3.          Fried KangKung
4.          Green Beans in Spiced Sauce
5.          Masak Lodeh
6.          Okra in Spice Sauce
7.          Spiced Grilled Squash
8.          Spinach with Sesame
9.          Stir Fried Sugar Snap Peas
10.      Vegetable Dalca
12.      Vegetarian Stir Fry

Malaysian Cooking Recipes - Fish
1.          Coconut Curried Fish
2.          Crisp Fish with Turmeric
3.          Fish Steaks with Chili
4.          Fish Terutup
5.          Marinated Grilled Fish
6.          Mild Fish Curry
7.          Sarawak Marinated Fish
8.          Spicy Assam Fish
9.          Spiced Sweet and Sour Fish

Malaysian Soup Cooking Recipes

1.          Black Eyed Pea Soup
2.          Chicken and Noodle Soup
3.          Fish with So Hoon Soup
4.          Laksa Lemak Soup
5.          Penang Hot Sour Soup
6.          Seafood and Coconut Soup
7.          Squid Mee Hoon Soup
8.          Three Mushroom Soup
9.          Tofu Soup
10.      Won Ton Soup

Malaysian Cooking Recipes - Rice
1.          Rice in Ghee

Malaysian Cooking Recipes - Lamb
1.          Malaysian Lamb Curry

Malaysian Poultry Cooking Recipes
1.          Aromatic Chicken Cooking Recipe
2.          Braised Chicken with Spices
3.          Chicken and Pineapple Curry
4.          Chicken Curry Minang Style
5.          Chicken in Spiced Sauce
6.          Chicken Rendang
7.          Chicken Rendang in Coconut Milk
8.          Chicken Sambal
9.          Devil's Curry Recipe
10.      Fried Satay
11.      Satay Kajang - Marinated with grilled meat, usually chicken or beef, served with peanut sauce

Malaysian Cooking Recipes - Pork
16.      Barbecued Spare Ribs
18.      Pork with Tamarind

Malaysian Cooking Recipes - Sauces, Curry
20.      Anchovy Sambal
21.      Coconut Sambal
22.      Fresh Mint Sambal
24.      Malaysian Spicy Sauce
25.      Quick Mixed Pickle
26.      Sambal Belacan - A piquant paste of chili, fish, prawn paste and lemon juice
27.      Malaysia Satay Sauce
28.      Sole with Satay Sauce
29.      Shrimp Paste Relish

Malaysian Seafood Cooking Recipes
31.      Fragrant Prawns
34.      Prawn Kebabs
35.      Prawns Robed in Spices
38.      Siti Nurhaliza  

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